GROW with Apple:
Kampong Eunos Bird Club

An inclusive mentorshop programme
by Superhero Me & Today at Apple
In collaboration with: Art by Sayfullah


Kampong Eunos Bird Club is an immersive AR walkthrough experience. Set in a landscape that resembles a bird park, step inside and stroll about the sanctuary and get to know the artist, Sayfullah, through observing the different fantastical birds on display.

Each bird is brought to life through Sayfullah's personal experiences as he fondly reminisces about them; from a childhood memory of eating his favourite kuih lapis at a neighbourhood bakery, to enjoying (chicken) biryani at a neighbour's wedding. Kampong Eunos Bird Club is Sayfullah's way of showcasing his huge heart, personality and art to the world.

Today at Apple

We shared our process and ran a tiny workshop on Today at Apple at Apple Store Marina Bay Sands. It was an amazing time seeing everyone create their very own AR Bird Friend to join our bird club.

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